Texting While Driving: The Ultimate Distraction

middle aged woman texting while driving

Texting while driving is a serious issue that endangers the lives of drivers and passengers alike. With an increasing number of distracted motorists, collisions caused by texting while driving are becoming more and more frequent. Studies have shown that texting while behind the wheel significantly increases reaction time and can easily lead to an accident. This form of distracted driving results in physical injury, loss of life, and even financial repercussions for all those involved.

Texting Causes 3 Types of Distraction

Manual Distraction

Manual distractions include activities where a driver takes their hands off of the wheel and interacts with their phone, resulting in compromised speed control, visibility, and reaction time; all necessary components of driving that can lead to tragedy.

Visual Distraction

One of the most hazardous aspects of this behavior is visual distraction. When a driver takes their eyes off the road to type or read a text, they can no longer process what is happening around them. This can lead to missing visible hazards and jeopardizing everyone else's safety on the road.

Cognitive Distraction

Cognitive distraction is when a driver is mentally focused on something other than the task at hand - piloting their vehicle safely. Texting or using any other cell phone features such as talking, emailing, or browsing the internet actively takes a driver’s attention away from the road, increasing their risk factor for getting into an accident exponentially. To keep roads safe and to prevent accidents caused by cognitive distraction, it is important to avoid texting while driving at all costs.

Avoid This Dangerous Behavior

Texting and driving can be a dangerous habit, however it can be avoided with a few simple steps. For starters, make sure your phone or any other device is put away and out of reach whenever you get behind the wheel. Additionally, turn your phone off or switch to airplane mode before getting in the car. Setting up automated replies to incoming messages can let people know that you’re driving and unable to respond at the moment. Lastly, keep yourself engaged while driving by listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks so you won't be as tempted to use your phone while operating a vehicle.

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